I have had several experiences since my youth, from simple competitions and sports tournaments to volunteering, which were important in the development of my personality and will remain in my memory forever. Bellow this paragraph there is a gallery with records that I kept of some of those experiences. It is funny to highlight, for example, my level 1 Reiki diploma, which I obtained together with my mother and sister, as a child. I can also refer to my experience at the National Final of the Environment Olympics, in 2012, and volunteering at a children’s hospital, both very enriching in their own way.

Of all the experiences I have had, there are two that I have to share a little better. In 2014, I had the privilege of joining several colleagues from my secondary school and together we ran for the management of the Students’ Association. I was chosen as president and after many hours of work and a lot of very important support, we managed to win the elections and there began a yearlong adventure, organizing events and ensuring an open communication between students and teachers.

The following year I entered the university, and a few months later I attended a performance by an academic musical group called Murchan Murchan. I immediately became a fan and joined them as soon as I could, where I developed my guitar playing skills like never before (similar to the Whiplash movie). Two years later, in 2017, I was chosen as the person in charge of the group, and so I spent a year managing the rehearsals and concerts, one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had. It was a spectacular year, with unforgettable concerts and I can’t end this without thanking the members of that time, because without them, without their talent and dedication, nothing would have been possible.